News Stumbler

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News Stumbler

News Stumbler was an experimental visualization and an exploration of news topics and articles. It was the end result of the Dynamic Visualization Design seminar at the Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University of Art and Design. It uses the metaphora of an ant colony where the ants are us the media hungry people, ants’ food is the news we consume and the ant trails are the connections between news topics we stumble upon.

The data consists of news topics and articles related to the initial search word. The related topics are fetched from Google search and the articles are from Google News. The results are scattered around the screen according to their relevance to the main topic.

After an ant finds a topic the topic and the ant will be colored according to which main path the topic belongs to. The more stronger ant path, the more news relate to the search word.

The team: Jonathan Cremieux and me.

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